Videos & Podcasts

Alex Hershaft in The Curiosity Hour Podcast by Tommy Estlund and Dan Sterenchuk

Dr. Alex Hershaft in The Host With The Most podcast by Todd Newton

Vegan Camp Out 2019, England: Alex Hershaft talks about oppression

Interview with Dr. Alex Hershaft, Israeli Television i24 News

Holocaust to Compassion: Lecture by Alex Hershaft at Tel Aviv University in 2015

Plant Based News interviews Dr. Alex Hershaft: Holocaust survivor, now vegan activist

That Vegan Couple Podcast: Holocaust Survivor Dr. Alex Hershaft talks about Similarities With Farmed Animals

Cosmic Skeptic Podcast: A Holocaust Survivor Talks About Finding Meaning

Farm Animal Rights Movement: Dr. Alex Hershaft – A Journey From The Holocaust To Animal Rights

Lecture by Dr. Alex Hershaft in Pittsburgh, USA: From the Warsaw Ghetto to the Fight for Animal Rights

Dr. Alex Hershaft Protesting: A Truck Carrying Pigs to Slaughter Almost Runs Him Over

A Vision of a Vegan Future: Dr. Alex Hershaft speaks at Animal Rights 2012 National Conference